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Basic connection for c#, not console

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    This is public forum, so anything discussed here can be helpful for other betfair developers.

    I have build geoff sample code, here is the screenshot:


    My sample app looks like this:

    Betfair BOT SDK


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      There are quite a lot of differences in both samples. My code is simple app loading all races and updating market data every 1 second, including bets placed on a market. My sample code includes 27 already build strategies you can execute. The same code is used in my full app:


      The difference in my approach when programming strategies is that you do not have to program any betfair api call, all that is already included in the app backend code. On the screenshot above you can see that I have got 142 different strategies programmed for my use. Any such strategy code is parametrized, so one strategy can be configured different way. You can see that on the screenshot, there is My Strategies to Execute view with added strategies.

      When developing a strategy you really just code strategy code, and so development of strategy code is very simple, and not so time consuming. App is able to load your strategy, so you have got two option, you can build everything yourself, including simple user interface like I showed on my simple winform app. Or build just strategy code, and use bfexplorer app like user interface for your custom built strategies.

      The code looks like this one from bot sdk:


      This is just simple code you can add your features to, when the strategy above is executed in bfexplorer app, it reports Total matched volume on the market. the line 45.
      Betfair BOT SDK