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Forum Rules and Regulations

Registration to this forum is free! , however your access and use of this forum is subject to your compliance with the following terms and conditions. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

1.The forum (and any chat functionality provided pursuant to these terms and conditions) (collectively the "Forum") is a separate service from the Betfair website(s) and Betfair core services. The Forum is licensed to and managed by TSE Global Limited ("TSEG") and its use is subject to the following terms and conditions in addition to the terms and conditions of the Betfair website. By using (reading and/or posting in) the Forum you enter a contract with TSEG and you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. TSEG sets Forum policy and reserves the right to change its policies at any time with or without notice.
2.The Forum (and any chat functionality provided pursuant to these terms and conditions) is for active customers of Betfair only and is intended for legitimate comment and constructive discussion and the sharing of opinions relating to sport, gaming and related software development activities. Customers who have funded their account, have placed at least one bet, been "KYC'd" to Betfair's satisfaction (i.e. who have provided sufficient data relating to their identity) are allowed to post. Non-active customers may read the Forum but cannot post.
3.The first time you post a message you will be prompted to enter a unique chatname. For security reasons this should be different from your Betfair username. It is not possible to change your Forum chatname once you have selected it. Only the Betfair account holder may use the chatname designated for the account. TSEG may suspend or prohibit account holders at any time and for any reason in its absolute discretion.
4.All users of the Forum agree not to post any item or any links to content that:
4.1Is defamatory or discloses information that the customer has no legal right to disclose, or is otherwise illegal;
4.2Is (or contains anything which is) vulgar, hateful, obscene, profane, threatening or insulting;
4.3Intends to impersonate another person or entity;
4.4Contains any form of advertising, promotional materials or any form of commercial activity;
4.5Contains any promotion of any competitor of Betfair or their products;
4.6Contains any or links to any virus, corrupted files, "Trojan Horses", key loggers or any other malicious code or material that could cause harm to the computer, data or financial security of any third party;
4.7Contains any or links to any intentionally false or misleading statements or any statement seeking to unfairly manipulate a market;
4.8Is an attempt to collect or store data about other customers;
4.9Is protected by any form of intellectual property whether registered or unregistered or any contractual, statutory and equitable obligations of confidence;
4.10Is or may amount to collusion or activities of a suspicious or criminal nature.
5.Although TSEG does not moderate the Forum or chat functionality all conversations are logged and recorded and it has controls in place to monitor the use of the Forum and chat servers in response to complaints. TSEG reserves the right to delete or refuse any posting and/or recommend to Betfair that it suspend or terminate any Betfair account for any reason at any time without notice. TSEG may revoke your Forum rights if you act outside the guidelines set out in these terms and conditions.
6.TSEG reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by changes to the version of these terms available online and, where necessary in TSEG's discretion, by way of Forum announcement. By continuing to use the Forum, customers agree to be bound by the most current version of these terms and conditions.
7.Copyright in all information and materials on the Betfair Forum is owned by The Sporting Exchange Limited ("TSEL") and users of the Forum hereby agree to assign any copyright in their present or future postings to TSEL.
8.TSEG has no obligation to check the accuracy, completeness or truth of any information posted in the Forums. A procedure will be provided for notification of objectionable posts and, upon notification, TSEG will act expeditiously to remove any such material if, in its absolute discretion, it believes it is appropriate to do so. TSEG excludes all liability for any reliance placed on information in postings.
9.All Forum users shall protect their username and password and hereby accept all risk from others accessing or misusing their account. Users agree to notify TSEG immediately if any misuse of their username/password is occurring.
10.Users hereby agree to indemnify and hold TSEG and companies in the Betfair Group harmless against all costs, claims, liability or damage (including solicitor/client costs) resulting directly or indirectly from that user's breach of these terms & conditions.
11.These terms & conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.
12.The courts of England and Wales have non-exclusive jurisdiction.
13.The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act does not apply to these terms and conditions.
14.These Terms and Conditions may be prepared in various languages other than English for reference only. In the event of any differences between the English version of the terms and conditions and any non English version, the English version shall prevail.
15.Betfair's standard Privacy Policy applies to your personal data. In addition to reserving the right to disclose your details (including any material you post in the Forum), in accordance with the Privacy Policy we hereby put you on notice that, in the event of a complaint relating to any potentially defamatory material and/or material that otherwise breaches clause 4 of these terms it is the policy of TSEG not to oppose an application to a court for the disclosure of personal data relating to posters in the Forum (or elsewhere on Betfair sites). Equally it is TSEG's policy not to disclose such data unless such an order is sought; or disclosure is permitted in accordance with the Betfair Privacy Policy; or disclosure is permitted by reason of any exemption in the Data Protection Act 1998 (which includes, amongst other things, the right to disclose suspicious content to the authorities). In this regard your attention is specifically drawn to clauses 4 and 10 of these terms. Please think carefully before you post.
16.The publisher with respect to all Forum functionality and services is TSEG.