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Historical Data Excel Workbook

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    Historical Data Excel Workbook

    An Excel workbook is now available via

    The Historical Data Workbook interprets historical data purchased from Betfair by offering a means for download, display and analysis with Excel.

    The prerequisites for using the Historical Data Excel Workbook are:
    • • You must have previously purchased data via using your Betfair account. The BASIC data for use within this spreadsheet is free of charge.
    • • Install 7-Zip before using the spreadsheet, which relies on 7-Zip to manage the compressed data.

    The main functions of the workbook are:

    Extract the following data from the BASIC historical data files displaying the data in the following columns.

    · Date & Time
    · MarketId,
    · Market Status,
    · In-Play (true of false),
    · SelectionId,
    · LastPriceTraded

    Graphs the data output on a per selection basis, showing last traded price over time.

    Betfair Developer Program
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    it seems that the workbook doesn't work. In the first excel sheet I can't login to betfair. Do you know what the problem could be?


      Morning ttt.

      What error do you receive when attempting to login to the workbook? Are you able to login directly to the historical data website via ?




        Good morning all you, can I have some help just to make a vba function works

        Set HTTP_A = CreateObject("MSXML2.serverXMLHTTP")

        HTTP_A.Open "POST", "", False
        HTTP_A.setRequestHeader "Content-type", "application/json"
        HTTP_A.setRequestHeader "ssoid", "GK/PdVw4sAZCiOwN40jbYKXFKPMQUU3+5VZb7k6xU6g="
        HTTP_A.send "&sport=Horse Racing&plan:Basic Plan&fromDay=1&fromMonth=3&fromYear=2017&toDay=31& toMonth=3&toYear=2017&eventId=null&eventName=null& marketTypesCollection=[]&countriesCollection=[]&fileTypeCollection=[]"

        MsgBox (HTTP_A.responseText)

        I can't receive back a valid JSON, it says NgErrorRedirect

        Thanks in advance


          I think the historic API is down at the moment, I haven’t tested but a few others on the BA forum are having issues.


            I m using 64 bit excel, and there is a problem with "ActiveX component can't create object" error code 429 when trying to login. Any instructions?


              Hi mal.

              Unfortunately, the workbook isn't compatible with 64 bit Excel, you'd need to use the 32 bit version.



                Hi, I posted in the "Is the Historical API Documentation" Rather than me rewrite it, I was hoping you could take a look and help me out please. Cheers


                  Hi winnie2402

                  Have you tried using the Historical Data Excel Workbook via

                  This should help you to download the data you require. Please refer to the HistoricalDataWorkbook.docx for details of how to use the spreadsheet.