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    Probably not exactly the right place for this, but any help would be appreciated.

    I do the admin for a competition under "Your Competitions" on the betfair forum. Sometimes people can't post to the forum for various reasons and send an email to a common email address instead. What I'd like to do is extract the content of the email and post it to the appropriate thread automatically. I've worked out how to extract the email content but I'm having trouble doing the actual posting. I will know the actual url of the thread, so I'm looking for a VBA function like:

    Function add_post(thread_url,text)
    .... adds text to thread
    end function

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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    You will have to logon before you can make the post request, I am not a forum member so not sure what they are using for authentication, is it linked to your betfair login? If its anything like the site you are in for a world of pain.


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      The login procedure is the same as for the betting site I think. I have already coded the api login procedure in a bot using VBA so that shouldn't be a problem. And I've already got code to scrape info from the forum. It's just I've never had to send data the other way and from googling it seems each site has different methods.


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        Open up developer tools in chrome, post a reply and see what post request is made, just copy that to your vba code matching the headers.