Important – Update to Non-Interactive Login Endpoint

Due to required infrastructure changes, the non-interactive (bot) login endpoint has been updated to

The new endpoint is now live and also available for the following jurisdictions:

The previous endpoint ( will be retired and no longer available after Thursday 20th December 2018. Any attempts to use the old endpoint after this date with return the CERT_AUTH_REQUIRED error.

We recommend that you update your code as soon as possible with the new endpoint. Existing certificates will continue to work with the new endpoint and don't need to be updated.

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    Sample Code

    Hi - is there a new version of theServiceClientNG-SampleSpreadsheet.xlsm - the only one I can find if 2 years old and seems a bit buggy.

    Managed to login and select markets (horse races) - but the markets a re not complete (only one race shown for Aintree foe example) and when selecting that it is not displaying the correct race list (horses included from other races)


    I just downloaded the file and (from a first glance) it seemed to work just fine for me.

    There is only one race listed for Aintree as this is a market for next year's Grand National.

    Try selecting a folder for a meeting containing today's date in the title. You should then see all the races for that meeting listed.

    Selecting the market seems to bring back the correct data as far as I can tell.


      Excel Api Market Selection


      Today's WIN market at Punchestown is bringing back the AvB markets and Haydock 19th Nov is listing 3 random races

      Anyone know why and how to fix this


        Are you sure you are selecting the correct folder?

        For example, for Wolverhampton on the 19th November, there are four folders listed:

        Wolv (AvB) 19th Nov - containing the AVB markets
        Wolv (RFC) 19th Nov - containing the Reverse Forecast markets
        Wolv (W/O) 19th Nov - containing markets without certain horses
        Wolv 19th Nov - containing the main win/place/extra-place markets

        You want to select the folder with just the course name and date.


          Yes - definitely selecting the correct folder

          Can't prove that now though as we've moved on a day.

          Next time it happens I'll try and include some screen shots

          Thanks for the reply


            Here we go ....

            Today the Newbury the races listed are Worcester Novices Chase, Gerry Fielden Had, Hennessy Gold Cup, Hennessy Gold Cup TBP - these are the only 4 listed.

            Selecting the Hennessy Gold Cup 16:10 displays 64 runners and the race is SUSPENDED (I'm doing this at 12:40 and the race starts at 16:10) - some of the runners are correct.

            This seems to be happening on meeting where there is a named race - such as the Hennessy Gold Cup - same happens on todays Newcastle list. If the list is just 2 TBP 14:00, 2m Men Hrd 14:00 etc all seems to be OK