Important – Update to Non-Interactive Login Endpoint

Due to required infrastructure changes, the non-interactive (bot) login endpoint has been updated to

The new endpoint is now live and also available for the following jurisdictions:

The previous endpoint ( will be retired and no longer available after Thursday 20th December 2018. Any attempts to use the old endpoint after this date with return the CERT_AUTH_REQUIRED error.

We recommend that you update your code as soon as possible with the new endpoint. Existing certificates will continue to work with the new endpoint and don't need to be updated.

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    Im struggling to get back and lay prices returned that match whats actually on the exchange. I know there is a delay so there may be a slight difference but Im checking markets that havent moved in over an hour. Ive read up that this could be due to cross matching and am trying the priceprojection parameter virtualise.true but not having much luck. Please could someone confirm Im using the correct code:-

    Function GetListMarketBookRequestString(ByVal MarketId As String) As String
    GetListMarketBookRequestString = "{""marketIds"":[""" & MarketId & """],""priceProjection"":{""priceData"":[""EX_BEST_OFFERS""],""virtualise"":""true""}}"
    End Function

    Also I wonder if its possible to force this parameter in a URL. e.g The follwoing brings up the Euro 2016 Winner Market but some of the back and lay prices are different to whats showing on the exchange.

    Many Thanks