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API-NG Excel Sample Spreadsheet Application

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  • API-NG Excel Sample Spreadsheet Application

    A new version of the Excel/VBA sample spreadsheet application is now available via

    This is a migrated version of the sample spreadsheet application that was provided for API 6.0

    Betfair Developer Program

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    I can't run it because of missing Microsoft Windows Common Control 6.0 (SP6). Could you please advice how I can fix that?


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      Kurshaveli - Google will help you.
      Thanks for developing the spreadsheet. I have used the previous one you did and was hoping it would be recreated for API-NG . I have managed to log in and place bets with this spreadsheet. The bets show on the website. The workbook can find the bets with Current bets but does not display them in the worksheet ?


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        Matched/Unmatched Odds not displaying

        I would like to reiterate the point above....thank you for producing the new spreadsheet!

        However, there is an issue with regards to the following columns.

        Back Lay
        amount avg. odds amount avg. odds

        They do not seem to work correctly and are not populating even though bets have been placed.

        In addition, the B_PlaceLoss_R1 and B_ProfitLoss_R1 cells are not populating throughout a market.

        Are you aware of the issues and would it be possible for these to be fixed please??



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          For unmatched bets
          In ServiceProxy Class
          Public Function GetCurrentBets(
          sResponse =

          sResponse is returning what looks like the correct string for my unmatched bets. Not sure what happens after this but they don't end up on the sheet

          Anyone else care to try looking at this.


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            Come on , don't be shy.

            In Public Sub Calc_Totals(
            Me.NoOfWinners always equals 0
            Doesn't seem to be assigned a correct value.

            Pity this doesn't work as someone has put a lot of work into it.


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              Hi fastforward/dibno12,

              The developer of the spreadsheet has been made aware of these issues and he is currently working to fix them. We'll publish an updated version of the sheet as soon as these have been rectified.

              Sorry for the lack of updates regarding this. I would expect an updated version to available within the next couple of weeks.



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                Hi BDP,
                Great news. One thing i did notice is that it is calling the api twice with one click of the refresh button.
                For anyone looking at this I found the previous version an excellent choice to automate your trading with limited programing skills.


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                  Any update on this ?


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                    Hi fastforward,

                    Sorry for the delay.

                    The latest (updated) version of the Excel Tooklkit is now available via




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                      Hi Neil
                      Thanks for that. A lot was fixed.
                      If I go to update bets the program finds the bets to update and comes to a grinding halt @

                      If Not oServiceProxy.UpdateBetPage(oBets) Then Exit Function


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                        If I have bets in a horse race win market and the same race place market the program is not displaying any bets in the place market sheet. NoOfwinners = 1 ?

                        It is combining the totals of both markets and displaying them in the win market sheet . Maybe not requesting the data by EventID ?

                        Is there any chance BetId's could be stored in the unmatched cell as a comment ?



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                          I have been using the API 6 excel sample for a number of years. It is highly modified it to suit my requirements and now need to setup the equivalent using NG.

                          I downloaded the latest sample spread-sheet (14/10/2014) and then tried to compile but received errors. I made about 4 changes to get a clean compile.

                          Has anyone else experienced this or am I missing something?


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                            Hi expact,

                            You are correct, the xl version does not compile - there are missing functions (logout) that are called, missing references (Soap Headers) but it kind of works as a rough guide. There is plenty of good work in there, but my weapon of choice is Access - I will redevlop my app once I have updated my library - What I use now, and find very useful is a class library the I call as a com add in to Ms Access - I am sure the same would work in Excel - the development of functions, procs etc is much simple with the VS interface and I get the simplicity of the database forms interface that Access provides.


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                              Hi Grantay,

                              Thanks for your reply. Now I know I can use this version as a base to update my current API6 version.

                              Because I have put a lot of work into my excel version I've decided to take the required new NG routines and update my current excel version. I use MS-Access routines within Excel to write selection data, bets and logs to a MS-Access database which works well