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  • listMarketCatalogue - no results...


    I've sent this json request...

    [{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "SportsAPING/v1.0/listMarketCatalogue", "params":{"filter":{"eventTypeIds":["7"],"marketCountries":["AU"],"marketTypeCodes":["WIN"], "marketStartTime":{"from":"2020-09-03T13:22:19Z","to":"2020-09-04T13:22:19Z"}},"sort":"FIRST_TO_START","maxResult s":"100"}, "id": 1}]

    Which appears fine and doesn't return an error, but it also doesn't return any results...

    [{'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'result': [], 'id': 1}]

    In using the API-NG Visualiser it returns the expected results but after decoding and printing it doesn't seem to provide anything.

    I've tried changing the CountryCode / EventTypeId and marketTypeCodes but I always seem to get the same response.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    Is that a gap between the t and a? Or use bflw and join the slack:


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      Many thanks Liam,

      No space between the t & a so I'm not sure what the issue is... I was following these videos...

      But your bflw looks much more user friendly. I've joined github now so I shall have a look.



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        here is an example I just tried that returns a ton of aussie racing results, You can compare this to your non working one

        here is what i noticed different, most are probably red herrings ?

        1) Which "t" and "a" were you referring to ? I could only see a space between "t" and "s" in maxResults

        2) My example i ask for lots of data using marketProjection, you dont ask for any of that, but i think yours should still return some limited data anyways

        3) We have a slight difference in time formatting string, you have a "Z" tagged on the end for zulu time i think. I doubt that this is a problem, but you could maybe try removing it. Also try widening your date/time window just on the off chance that it makes a difference

        not sure if any of that helps

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