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Help with getting started with Betfair API and Siri Shortcuts

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  • Help with getting started with Betfair API and Siri Shortcuts


    I can't seem to see any info out there on using Siri Shortcuts with Betfair. I'm struggling to get started and don't know how all the actions fit together.

    I need help getting the right actions and formatting to call the Accounts API to do some basic calls using a Siri Shortcut. This is more of a Shortcuts problem then it is Betfair API but Betfair's API isn't particularly simple for novice developers.

    What I am aiming to achieve: Build a Siri Shortcut that when run would authenticate with username, password and appkey and then return balance of wallet + exposure from API

    What's the problem: I don't have much API experience so really just stuck on how to set up a siri shortcut to start talking to the Betfair API.

    Ask: A screenshot of a siri shortcut layedout with placeholders that would successfully speak with Betfair's API to return balance would be hugely helpful so I can get my head around how authentication and calling basic data would work. I should be okay to build from there.

    Any help appreciated and happy to add specifics as I'm not sure if I have provided enough details.