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  • c# sample code

    Hi, i am trying to convert to streaming. At the moment when i request markets(not streaming), i split the reply into my view models. All good. I an assuming that, with the sample code i subscribe to the market change event, which i have done. Now, what to do with the string, do I split and put this into my view models or is there another(better) way to this, as it is streaming. At the moment im trying the view model route. The reason I ask is that it feels like double handling. Ive got the the string which the esaclient has checked and proccesed, seems strange to then work on the string again. Im using vs2019 wpf c# Regards Robert.

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    Yes, map it to your data model, like I did in my code:

    Betfair BOT SDK


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      Ok, thankyou for replying. I tried messing with the string all afternoon, then discovered that the change event was also returning an object array with all the info i need. Out of interest is it a datagrid your using for ladder display in your other videos. Regards Robert