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Betfair Historic Data - Football Markets - Missing Selections ?

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  • Betfair Historic Data - Football Markets - Missing Selections ?

    Not sure best place to post this, so move to relevant category if needed.

    However I've written a .NET application to import the historical Betfair data from

    Has anyone much experience with the Betfair historical data ?

    Basically, I have managed to import and organise the data in my database, and am able to produce some statistics like average number of first half goals for games that had starting odds between a range.

    However, I noticed that for example the Everton Vs Swansea game on 24th Jan, the First Half Goals Under 3.5, doesn't exist or have any matched bets at all ?

    Is this normal. I was going to base all my win selections for Over/Unders on the Unders market.

    Am I missing something ?

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    I can't find this market either, but do you have any evidence it

    a - existed?
    b - had trades?

    both of these are required for the market to appear in the data


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      No I don't have any evidence that it existed or had any trades. However, it is very strange, that this is the winning Unders market, so I'm pretty sure that there would of been some matched bets.

      Can anyone else help clarify this issue ?


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        Looks to me like it never existed.

        Just looking at the bigger games for tomorrow:

        we can see there are markets for First Half Goals 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5, but not 3.5


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          Actually, you are right. I just checked and saw many of tomorrows games not having Under 3.5. Therefore, I don't know how it is possible to work out the number of first half goals with the current historical betfair data. ?
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            I'm don't think this is possible using this data.