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Help with c# excel addin

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  • Help with c# excel addin

    Hi all, I need a a few hours of time form a programmer to debug or support me.
    I got an excel addin developed in c#. Now it has stopped working in windows 10. It uses netoffice to amange the com intefrace ad aloow calls into com.I stopped programming at vb6 and cant get this working.

    I wrote an alternative in VB out of frustration but I am beaten trying to parse the json.
    At his stage I would setle for either solution though my c# is obviously a bit smarter.
    Can anyone help or is anyone interested in a few hours work?

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    Hi edt123
    It stopped working because it was developed to the old API or was it because you upgraded to Win 10? If it was because of the Win 10 upgrade im sure it's easy to fix.