FINAL REMINDER - Betfair API - Important Update to Non-Interactive Login Endpoint

Due to required infrastructure changes the non-interactive (bot) login endpoint has been updated to the below and this is live:

Italy, Spain, Romain and Swedish domains

For customers using .it, .es, .ro and .se domains the new endpoint is now live and available for the following jurisdictions:
Italian Exchange -
Spanish Exchange -
Romania -
Sweden -

Update Required Before 22nd January

The previous endpoint ( will no longer work from 22nd January 2019. Any attempts to use the old endpoint from this date will return the CERT_AUTH_REQUIRED error.

**You must update your code as soon as possible with the new endpoint to avoid any disruption on the 22nd January**

Existing certificates will continue to work with the new endpoint and don't need to be updated.

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Orders and Matches

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    Orders and Matches

    I have 1 unmatched bet in runner(horse1), 1 matched bet back in runner(horse1), 1 matched bet lay in runner(horse1).

    But runner.getMatches() - null.
    runner.getOrders() - null.


    How can I find Order of runner and Match of runner?


    Because when I get

    List<MarketBook> marketBookReturn = jsonOperations.listMarketBook(marketIds, priceProjection, orderProjection, matchProjection, currencyCode, applicationKey, sessionToken);

    I use

    OrderProjection orderProjection = null;
    MatchProjection matchProjection = null;

    But if

    OrderProjection orderProjection = OrderProjection.ALL;
    MatchProjection matchProjection = MatchProjection.NO_ROLLUP;

    I can find Order of runner and Match of runner)
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