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No Live Match Time or Live Scores for all main football matches

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  • No Live Match Time or Live Scores for all main football matches

    Since last tuesday, I get no live match time or score for all main football matches, including UEFA, FIFA, Premier, First Divisions, etc.

    All these most important football matches keep retrieving 0' match time and 0-0 score during the whole match time.

    I'm only getting accurate live match time and score for very few lower division and reserves matches from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, etc.

    Anyone having the same problem or have any information if it will be solved in the near future ?

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    Ermmm the Betfair Exchange published API does not provide Football scores, you will have to explain what data source you are talking about if you want some constructive suggestions.


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      Here is what he says:

      Some of my users has similar problems after betfair stopped covering live score on their web site for most traded matches.
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        Yes, it seems to be exactly the very same problem.

        Do you also get football live score data from Betfair website ?

        If Betfair stops covering all major football live score on their website, you have any idea on how do get this data also for your software ?


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          My software and one other vendor's app implemented football bot or score trigger. All the rest of apps have no such feature, and bet angel solution is to monitor all over/under and correct score markets to judge the score.

          Yes there are other sources of such data on internet, but you need to synchronize data with betfair ones, as not all sources use the same naming for teams, and of course when you manage to build such app, you can be blocked or source will not provide such data anymore.

          You programmed your score feed yourself to your app and know how much time it takes to make research and code it. My app is used just by 15 paying users, and as I build bespoke apps or bots for my users, most of them are such customers paying me to make bespoke apps or bots mainly for horse racing, the last bespoke app was built for cricket trader.

          I do not know how profitable are my app users, but user base actually does not change during years, and I am on betfair from 2007. I did not build any bespoke app or bot for football automated trading or betting, so all 3 users discussing this issue on my forum had got the football bot as the bonus when subscribing to my app.

          I hope that betfair will return the score feed to their web site so all will work again, but from my experience I do not think so, what betfair actually does is blocking all undocumented api endpoints, and using cloudflare to block any scraping activity even from legal users. This is all quite strange, as last years more and more api users try to build machine learning models, and so need any type of data.

          If you read my block then you can see that even my explanation of the current situation was awarded by dislikes from all 3 users, what is quite strange. I will ask them to post here, and try to convince betfair to return their score feed. Pibe, maybe you can built them football bot for free.

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            Thanks for your explanation.

            It has been most helpful to understand this upscaling problem.

            I cannot understand the reason for so much desinvestment on their website.

            What's the point to provide website users only with live match time and scores for 2nd and 3rd division matches from Malaysia, Honduras, Indonesia, etc. and stop doing the same for FIFA, UEFA, Premier and First division matches from top european countries ?