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Is there a way of detecting when BF lists an event?

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  • Is there a way of detecting when BF lists an event?

    I want to be notified when BF first lists a football event - sometimes they don't come till later in the week and I have to keep checking for it but if there was someway of being notified I could automate it?



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    Streaming will tell you as soon as a market/event is available.


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      Please explain sorry streaming?

      Thank you


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        The Streaming API is a new thing (within the last year or so) wherein (watch me get this wrong!) your prog signs on for some categories of events and instead of asking for data, you get sent data whenever it changes.

        Or something.


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          Yep as above, you subscribe to markets based on event type / market ids etc and betfair then send you the new images or updates:

          What language are you using?


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            Thanks guys.

            I think I need an odds provider. I want to be able to develop a matched betting app wherein football fixtures listed by bookmakers are matched up with the same fixture on BF.

            I have managed to do this with fixtures already listed on BF at the time of the matching but am struggling to now how to do it when BF has not yet listed the football event.

            I need to know what BF will call the team names before they list them so that I can use a dummy event name to find the event ID once BF list the event.

            If that makes sense.

            IOW, if I know it is Manchester Utd, rather than Man U vs Crystal Palace rather than C Palace then I can construct dummy data in the db of Manchester Utd v Crystal Palace and do a continuous service using that exact eventname to try to return the eventId when it is later listed.

            I think I need o contact odds company's who have BF and bookies team names etc.


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              Seems like an odd way of doing this, why not just populate your database when betfair lists the market by doing a more generic search e.g premier league every hour for example.