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  • 'Read Only' query


    I have applied for a live API following testing with the delayed API key as far as possible, but have a query that I wouldn't mind cleared up. I have searched, but have come up blank, and support have only been able to direct me to the main documentation front page, but that is what's driving the query, so apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere.

    "Restrictions will be applied to 'read only' Live Application Keys."

    I can't find a definition of what is considered 'read only'.

    I don't want to place a bet in every market that is looked at. Does polling data from a market and then not placing a bet in that market, if the tested strategy criteria are not met, constitute 'read only' use of the live API key? Or is it only if there is persistent and prolonged use of the key over time without placing bets in any markets that restrictions are applied?


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    Betfair's money comes from commission on winning bets, so they want you to make some bets. However, they don't want people to just be taking all their data without occasionally risking some money. As long as you are making bets, you'll be fine. No need for it to be on every market you look at. So, it's yes to your final question.


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      Thought that was likely the case, but that I'd best get clarification. Plan is definitely to be making regular bets, was just wary of a few unappealing markets suddenly ending up with restrictions enforced.

      Thanks jabe!