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Find the potential commission before a bet is placed

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    Betfair replied that as there is no way from the API to check if you are on a rewards package or not then you would need to code it TRUE/FALSE into the code. However they still didn't tell me where I can opt out, as I can see you can change reward package from one to another but not a way to opt out.

    Also I asked if I had opted out then what was the right equation, I know WTPooh supplied one but I was just interested to see if they said anything different.



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      By the way the response was a) You cannot find out what reward plan you are on - so it would have to be a property or values passed into your app - b) You cannot "opt out" of a Reward Plan anyway so the commissions are basically only 2% 5% 8% or 10% if you haven't placed 30 exchange bets in a month to qualify - as for the formula to calculate the plan if you are not on one they just said use the commission variable e.g no equation like you two showed me using points,retained commission and deductions etc. I find that odd as if you don't qualify for the rewards plan you are obviously not on it but then surely the points balance, retained commission and the rest should be taken into consideration. It is quite easy to work out whether you have made 30 settled bets on the exchange to know if you are ON a plan, but no way to tell you which plan apart from the market description commission - so I am not sure why they said there was no equation just the one commission value as if you haven't placed 30 bets the previous month then your commission should be 10% then use points, retained commission and the rest but they didn't mention that.

      Questions to pass on?