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  • Cash out or cancelOrders

    I am aware there is no exact cash out option available via an api request so I was wondering if cancelOrders is a useful alternative in terms of the similarity to cash out. As far as i understand it you can only cancel unmatched amounts on the exchange thus if you cancel the remaining amount left on an order you have effectively left no liability on the exchange to be lost or gained thus have cashed out in essence... I may have this completely incorrect so feel free to give proper explanations if this is the case. Furthermore, if cancelOrders is not useful as a substitute what is the consensus on the best way to replicate the cash out process currently. Thank you for any help.

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    Implement your own, like you can see in my app or other betfair apps on market:

    when betfair introduced web api, I was asked to build cashout all web app:

    my desktop app offers different version of cash out bots, I call them close bet position.

    No what you describe just cancel your unmatched bets, you must calculate hedge or net bet stake to cashout.
    Betfair BOT SDK