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Is there now a fee, I have not worked on the JSON RPC API for 2 years?

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  • Is there now a fee, I have not worked on the JSON RPC API for 2 years?

    I wrote a BOT, first using the SOAP API, some years back and used it to bet and it was free to use, with fees coming from commission of the bets placed.

    They then changed the API to JSON and I rewrote the 20x code that I had to replace the SOAP interface with to make another free use BOT for personal use.

    Now I am unemployed, disabled, and I want to transfer the code from my BOT to my own laptop to use for personal usage only. I saw mention of a £299 fee to use the API but I already have an app key from when I was using it whilst working so I am unsure whether I need to pay £299 to use the API or not.

    I looked at this page, which has a list of options and I am unsure whether using the API for my own use only is going to require a payment or not from that grid.

    Has something changed since I have not been working on the API, and do I need to pay to continue to use my appkey or not?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    If you had a key before the charge came in, you can continue to use it for free.


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      If I have had an App Key 2 years ago - but have since forgotten the "app key" name - is there any way I can retrieve this? If I cannot, do I have to pay the £299 for a new key?


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        1. Log in to Betfair.
        2. Go to
        3. Select getDeveloperAppKeys and click Execute.


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          I already have an application key that was active and working 2 years ago and according to Jabes answer I didn't need to pay a subscription but when I got to that link > ,

          I chose getDeveloperAppKeys, entered my apps name to return the app keys and got on the right a table....

          At the top is a heading with my Application ID and Application Name then I get a table that has two rows.

          Row 1 is a new "Developer Key", for

          Version ID Version
          1544 1.0-DELAY
          Then my Application Key and Username then

          Active Delay Data Subscription Required Owner Managed No
          Yes Yes Yes No

          Then for my 2 year old key I have

          Version ID Version
          1543 1.0

          Then my Application Key and Username then

          Active Delay Data Subscription Required Owner Managed No
          Yes No Yes No
          Both rows have no values under Vendor ID, Vendor Secret

          So it seems from that table that I do need to pay the subscription fee as there is a YES in the Subscription Required row even if I already own a key.;

          However I didn't think you had to have a subscription to access the Delayed Data so why does it say I need a subscription to do so?

          However if I just try the links on that page for example to get my account funds with my active key and the session it shows it runs okay and shows my wallet amount, account history.etc.

          I don't know if it's supposed to NOT return anything if i have not paid the subscription though?

          I have tried my old app out with the existing active key making a JSON request to this endpoint to login >
          and get a new session variable and I get this error response...

          Make a POST request to;
          Convert post data into stream = &username=monkeymagix&password=xxxx&login=true&red irectMethod=POST&;
          We have a WebException of The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.;

          I don't know if the endpoint URL has changed or not as if I go to it in a browser it just gives me a Betfair 404 error message.

          So I am not sure whether it is a case of my app key not allowing me to login to the API and get a session or that the login URL has changed since I last worked on it?

          Also I am not sure what the versions 1544, 1543 mean, have there been 1544 versions of the API or does this relate to something else?

          Any help on this would be good.


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            I don't know if my old key is still active or not from just using the test API on > but with my key and a session it returns data, however I have just seen that the login process has now been beefed up from when I used to be able to just pass a username and password in a POST and get the session value back so I am having to read up on it all to see what I need to do in C# to login, store my session ID as I used to and re-use it so I don't have to keep logging in. Looks like I am going to have to create a SSL certificate if I can't get the session from an easier interactive login request. Still not sure if my "active" old key is still usable or not though and will only know once I have tried this logging in process I guess.


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              I've managed to get it working with my old key and a simple login procedure storing the "token" or session ssoid in the cookies from the old way and passing it back in for API calls and I am getting valid responses so it looks all okay.

              Was getting no response from the API due to an Secure Channel Failure response but I just added this above my call and it fixed it.

              ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;

              Thanks for all your help