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  • '[Country Name] Soccer' navigation menu items

    I've tried to find an answer to this question elsewhere but haven't found anything so I hope I am not asking a question already answered.

    With my new APING project I am trying to replicate the navigation the original Betfair site and the API 6 provided.

    I have managed to combine the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes with a marketFilter specifying soccer and where marketCount exceeds 0, I now have a list of countries to list when soccer is selected at the EventType menu level.

    However, all of the UK competitions are grouped together under Great Britain and not under England, Scotland etc. My best guess is that Betfair uses some custom lookup solution that lists the competitions with their respective country.

    I can't find anything within APING that handles this situation except for possibly the beta navigation data solution. However, I haven't worked out how to use this data yet in a manner in which it can help.

    I'm not an expert but I can code so if anybody can give me some pointers on how to utilize the navigation data URL, I'd be most grateful. Alternatively, if there is something within APING that handles the UK member countries/competitions problem I have, I'd also be very grateful for someone to provide some guidance.

    Thanks for any assistance.