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Problems obtaining API-NG AppKey

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  • Problems obtaining API-NG AppKey

    A (non-technical) friend of mine asked for my help getting an App Key for the API-NG. He tried this himself, but came unstuck.

    When I sat down with him using the visualiser, a call to createDeveloperAppKeys advises that this is a duplicate request (so I assume he was successful at some point).

    However when we call getDeveloperAppKeys - nothing is retrieved.

    I've personally had no problem with this, and the only difference I can think of is that he seems to have multiple accounts associated with his name - at least one of which is used commercially.

    Does that make a difference? I thought that throttled usage of the JSON/RPC interface for development purposes was free for everybody (at least for now)?

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    were you using a cookie generated by him logging-in to the same account that he used when creating the AppKey?


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      Yes. With the SSOID cookie entered, we tried createDeveloperAppKeys (for API-NG) and got the "Duplicate" error message, but then immediately tried getDeveloperAppKeys and received nothing.

      It doesn't make sense to me either. I think I need to try this again, and maybe even do so with code, so I can see the full context of any error messages.


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        Raise a support ticket and the BDP people should be able to tell you what the AppKey is.


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          Problem Solved

          Betfair Support advised that the DUPLICATE message indicates another developer has already chosen that application name, which needs to be unique across Betfair. That developer was me

          Problem solved.