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Race Status API - responseCode: 'NO_LIVE_DATA_AVAILABLE'

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  • Race Status API - responseCode: 'NO_LIVE_DATA_AVAILABLE'

    As the clocks changed last night I realised that my timezone was set to GMT. In fixing this issue the Race Status API request has stopped sending "raceStatus" and all I'm getting is the "responseCode: 'NO_LIVE_DATA_AVAILABLE'".

    It was working, then noticed it was only getting half the markets runners and the "raceStatus" had stopped working. So I'm not sure if I have done something or if there is a problem with the feed at Betfair's end?

    Is anyone else having this problem? It was all working perfectly yesterday before the timezone change.

    I have tried everything to get it working. I am receiving "win" and "place" "ex" prices, "runners" etc. basically everything is working apart from "raceStatus" and have exhausted all ideas (code fog!). Surely this wouldn't be getting anything back from the API if I had the timezone date format wrong?

    If it is a problem at Betfair's end then I guess it will sort itself out, but if it is me then any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    $params = '{"raceIds":["$raceId"],"marketProjection": ["RUNNER_DESCRIPTION","EVENT"]}';
    {"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"ScoresAPING/v1.0/listRaceDetails", "params":'.$params.', "id":1}

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    not sure but all I can different from my calls in Node.js is:
    there's no 'marketProjection' param for the the listRaceDetails endpoint

    and there are no enclosing single qoutes on the request string you've posted

    I know neither of these things really connects with your suspicions around the clock changes but i can defo confirm I've been getting race status updates for all UK races over the last few days no problem.


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      Thanks for your reply, but I think I have the solution... my code is sound as it was working the day before... the problem is the "$raceId" used in the parameters! It uses the "eventID" and "raceTime" as the "raceId". Since the clocks went back the "raceTime" part of the "raceId" was being generated 1 hour out!

      I had a reply from developer support confirming that the time needs to be UTC and the timezone has no impact on their data. So I am about the make the changes now and will update this post later with the results, but I'm pretty confident that this will solve this issue.

      ******* UPDATE *********

      I can confirm that by changing the timezone on the site to 'Europe/London' was the problem, and the solution that worked for me was to keep that so the site is the correct time, but change the timezone to 'GMT/UTC' just for the Betfair API code and then convert the dates to 'Europe/London' where required from the received Betfair data.

      It was so obvious now I have sorted it! I hope this helps if anyone else encounters the same problem.
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