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I'm stuck by the new platform changes

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  • I'm stuck by the new platform changes

    Hello all - I had a simple program written and it worked well for some time. Sadly some medical issues meant that I have only just been able to fire it up again, but a couple of weeks ago the program stopped working. Yes,, I know that's because of the platform changes, and yes, I have a code snippet that can be added that makes some of the code work again. Sadly - the bit that is fixed is the login, the bit that still doesn't is the 'find races' function. And yes, there may be other functions that are broken, but until the 'find' works I can't even fault find those. The original programmer has not responded to my request - so: can anybody help? The ZIP file at contains the MS Visual Studio VB code. If needed I can provide a similar C# version but it will need a couple of extra functions added. Also- I'm open to suggestions: repair this solution or create a completely new one? What is your advice, and why (So I can understand) I have a modest budget, but would look to you to provide a guesstimate or ask questions that would allow you to then provide a quote. PS Sorry about the external link - the file would not upload here

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    I noticed you posted the same on freelancer, you have got developers there who can update your code, so pay them for work and job done.

    If you want to use my bot sdk to build your own odds history app, then just go here:
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      Bid here on his project:

      or just leave Chines or Indies to earn some money for living.
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        Bespoke software is expensive. That my 2 cents!

        I'm just here relaxing so I'm not going to look at the code, but I'd bet my other 3 cents that its cheaper to rewrite it from scratch. Cheapest way to do it would be to get an India located person to do it with the understanding you will have to throw your code out again next time something goes wrong.

        But there's a gazillion unknowns...a professional won't quote you. Just the same as a lawyer charges you as soon as you walk in the door....


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          He posted on freelancer 5 projects, but never awarded developer to work on his projects, therefor I believe he just wanted to get free help on his projects.

          The next issue, his project description is actually different from what the code actually implements, his VB code just tries to load markets and monitor prices till market is closed. Even his price recording method is badly implemented, simply he saves data to csv file every 15 seconds without checking if market data were updated.

          Here is my short script which login, loads market data, logout on 77 lines of code.

          If you want to do similar what he already have in code, you can add next 10 lines of code for updating market data in set time interval, and up to 20-30 lines of code to save data like he does, to check if market data are really changed, do check: market.IsUpdated

          How to run the script, watch this video:

          to get api access for testing the script, just trial my app:

          Betfair BOT SDK


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            No, not true at all. Well, yes, I did post one project on Freelancer, but nobody there gave any sensible response to the questions I asked - repair existing code or rewrite, and why? I'm happy to pay someone who can demonstrate that they can do the job - not just make unsubstantiated claims. This "Dog in the manger" comment is a good example of the quality of responses I received.

            The only reason I came here was that the quality of the responses I received in Freelancer was worthless. I've been in ICT for 30 years, I know the likely costs etc, I just no longer have current programming skills. I assumed the quality of programmers here would be better than these comments indicate. Anyone who is serious - send me a message.
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              Your budget range is 30-250 US dollars, for such price what you want cannot be done, therefor I did not bid on your project on freelancer. Your specification is not clear enough therefor is hard to bid on your project because even what you claim in the project decrispiction is not true when looking in your code.

              You should clearly specify what you want and I will develop that for you, but not for such price without actually knowing what exactly must be done.

              You have got other Australian here so he will be able to make it for free maybe.
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                That budget is, in my opinion, fair given that one possible solution is to simply describe what has changed in the environment. If that was not possible, then a fair contract price could be negotiated. If the program had to be rewritten: the associated file is an exact working program - that would work as a clear spec for any competent person I suggest. And the description is exactly correct - it no longer works, and I was asking "Why?". bfexplorer - Given that you claim no interest - why are you spending time and effort on this?


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                  Because we are both here on developer's forum, and other fellow developers (I am software developer) could find my replies helpful, and not just developers, but potential customers as well.

                  1) 90% of betfair project requests on freelancer are fake projects. Either posted by people who want to get some kind of know-how about betfair for free, or by Indies who post their projects just to get access to betfair api on false pretext. The above project is one of such examples. He posted his projects on freelancer 5 times attracting 10 bids/developers per project post, so 50 developers were not able to find or give him answer he asked. Well yes, because no one works for free.

                  Yes, it is difficult as I was on both sides on freelancer, once managing project for one of my friends. He asked me to help him choose the right developer. And as his project was fairly good budgeted from 6000 to 10000 GBP, it attracted more than 80 developers. I took me some time to review all candidates, first going through their portfolio and then asking, to the project relevant questions, and as I am software developer myself I know what should I asked.
                  I eliminated half of Indies, who posted bids without actually reading the project specification, and three others who when asked, posted the same link to the web site, claiming they built it, strange, again they were Indies, and on the project bided developers from more than 12 countries.

                  2) If you are customer and really want to build some betfair api app, then coming here is better alternative than any freelancer web site. I built my first betfair app back in 2007, and I am betfair software vendor my app is published on, so any customer can test my app first and then judge my professional skills to build his betfair app or bot.

                  I am not familiar of how many other software developers here offer such services as well, but there is more than 6000 users registered on this forum, so I am sure there are hundreds of developers you can ask to develop your betfair api app.

                  3) Cost of bespoke app development really depends on what should be implemented. For instance this weekend I finalized project utilizing betfair horse racing data and data from another web site, and the cost for such project was just 280 GBP.
                  Betfair BOT SDK


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                    My 4 cents. I would estimate the contract rate for any professional programmer worth their salt in Australia is typically between $80 to $200AUD per hour...any less, and its more profitable to work at Coles ... You may find a hobbiest for lower rates....


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                      Hello Iain

                      Rather than join in with the throwing of "shade" in this thread I thought I would download your example and have a play around with it a bit.

                      I have got your list races working now, I can see valid results coming back from Betfair. There were a few changes I had to make to get things working again but nothing too long winded or complex. It was a bit too much for me to detail in this thread and I hit one other snag too which i had to workaround.

                      if you send me a private message with your email address, I will email you the fixed up vb code.

                      I will have one small whinge while I am writing. The library you are using breaks the software "DRY" ("do not repeat yourself") principle very badly. One of the fixes I had to make, I needed to put it into 86 different places in your code. Me fingers are aching !!! That code needs a bit of a refactor to a single function.

                      Regards Geoff
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                        Thanks Geoffw123, I appreciate your efforts and intent. PM sent.