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Lots of games are missing in Historical Data

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  • Lots of games are missing in Historical Data

    Hi - I downloaded the Soccer MATCH ODDS data for the following countries: GB,DE,FR,IT,PT,NL,BE,ES. All months since April 2015. However, I noticed that many games (important games) are missing from the data. It amounts to about 25% of games in these countries. For instance:

    PSV - Ajax 15 Apr 2018
    Arsenal - Crystal Palace 16 Aug 2015
    Aston Villa - Derby 16 Dec 2017
    Betis - Atletico Madrid 10 Dec 2017

    There are hundreds of games like the above where Historical Data doesn't seem to have the data. Is that intended? Could someone from Betfair please double check? I am missing too many games from the data.