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Using the delayed key a waste of time for actual betting?

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  • Using the delayed key a waste of time for actual betting?

    I am currently using the free delayed key as I want to see if my strategy is successful before splashing out on the real-time key (ideally I would have it "earn" the fee before buying).

    However, my bets virtually *never* match; the prices have always moved from by the time I call the API. I bet on in-play football.

    Do people generally think using the delayed key is a waste of time for actual betting? i.e. should it only be used for getting one up and running operationally and for testing?

    Is there a significant difference between the real time key and the delayed in terms of successful bet matching? (I think I read somewhere that it was only a few seconds behind, but happy to be corrected on that).

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    Bets are placed at real-time but the data returned, e.g. Back & Lay Prices, are delayed, so if your strategy uses that data then you are wasting your time. As I understand it, the delay is random and can be up to 3 minutes.


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      if its up to 3 minutes then agreed its a waste of time, thanks for letting me know.