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  • Transaction charges

    Since the introduction of the transaction Charge and up until last month, it did not affect me. However, I have an ongoing inquiry regarding that charge and then yesterday another charge three and a half times larger than the previous one was removed from my account!

    On the first occasion my records show only 18 auto-bets placed by my BOT (Only two race meetings on that day due to bad weather) and not one matched. Then two days ago came the second transaction charge. On that day 85 auto-bets were placed, 17 which were matched and the rest not matched/lapsed.

    I have read over and over again/studied the section on the transaction charges until I am 'blue in the face,' but cannot for the life of me comprehend how those auto-bets could incur those deductions from my account. I would be indebted to anyone who can help me work out how Betfair has arrived at these charges. My BOT has not been updated for nearly a year, which may be the issue? Or it could be something changed by the Betfair's own updates? So in that case I may need to contact the Betfair development team? And they will be my 'next port of call.' I thank you in advance. After that, it may be a case of hiring another programmer.

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    Send an email to, the main changes have been the inclusion of failed transactions as part of the charge.


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      On it's way and thanks Liam


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        BDP department sent me a readout of the transactions for the two particular days my account went over the daily transaction allowance. Of the three counts shown, only one really caught my eye: MARKET_SUSPENDED 6848. Which, unless I am mistaken, can only mean bet transactions are being placed/ processed after the the race has finished (Market suspended) The other two: BET_ACTION_ERROR and MARKET_NOT_OPEN_ FOR_BETTING amounted to only 61.However, since my last post I have incurred a further two transaction charges!

        I sent a further email to BDP questioning why, if the fault is with my BOT, am I not getting transaction charges on a daily basis? Although I am nowhere near finished with my research, I have found evidence of what I believe to be internal API server error's!

        Surely there must be countless other people experiencing these errors? If so I would dearly like to hear from you please, as this situation is doing my head in!