FINAL REMINDER - Betfair API - Important Update to Non-Interactive Login Endpoint

Due to required infrastructure changes the non-interactive (bot) login endpoint has been updated to the below and this is live:

Italy, Spain, Romain and Swedish domains

For customers using .it, .es, .ro and .se domains the new endpoint is now live and available for the following jurisdictions:
Italian Exchange -
Spanish Exchange -
Romania -
Sweden -

Update Required Before 22nd January

The previous endpoint ( will no longer work from 22nd January 2019. Any attempts to use the old endpoint from this date will return the CERT_AUTH_REQUIRED error.

**You must update your code as soon as possible with the new endpoint to avoid any disruption on the 22nd January**

Existing certificates will continue to work with the new endpoint and don't need to be updated.

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VAR Rules

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    VAR Rules

    Hi bfexplorer

    How you manage VAR decisions on top leagues in Europe they already use it in couple leagues, I watched El Clasico yesterday and VAR was used .

    You should suspended market till VAR decision is not known, that did not happen in many matches in last days, I noticed such situation when testing some football strategy:
    Please see below from our rules and regulations regarding this:
    • if there has been one or more "Material Events", any bets matched between the first "Material Event" and the market being turned in-play will be void.
    • Not suspending on the occurrence of a Material Event and cancellations of Material Events due to VAR
    • If Betfair does not suspend a market on time for the occurrence of a Material Event, Betfair reserves the right to void bets unfairly matched after the Material Event has occurred. Voiding of these bets may take place during the event or retrospectively once a game is completed.
    • Where a Material Event is cancelled due to a determination made via a video assistant referee, Betfair will void all bets which are matched between the occurrence of the Material Event and the cancellation of it. The voiding of any such bets may take place during the event or retrospectively once a game is completed.
    • Definition of “Material Event”
    • For the purpose of these Exchange Rules, a "Material Event" shall mean a goal being scored, a penalty being awarded or a player being sent off.



    Neil, but running strategy can place consecutive bets reacting on false score, and/or price changes. So if you void such bets only after match is settled, all the rest of bets placed and/or traded can change profitable position to the losing one.

    Therefore when your system detects false score, and so wrong prices on the market, after VAR decision changes score, you should suspend market again, and void all bets placed from previous market opening till new suspension time!


      Hi bfexplorer

      I understand, however, there are circumstances when we may not be aware of an issue until after a match has been settled. So in these circumstances can only correct the error after this point. Therefore we need cover off this potential scenario in our rules and regulations.