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    Originally posted by HarryHindsight View Post
    Having two factor authentication optional for log in .

    Horse Racing GPS feed ;
    In Play betting is a point of difference that Betfair can offer their clients. Having applications that can level the playing field against on track players can only be good.
    This would open up a world of possibilities!

    Is there any update on what decision was made with regards to the next update?


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      Originally posted by LetsGo View Post

      Absolutely not. Streaming is for data changes upto 20 times or so a second, like the price and amount available.
      The horses names ect... are static data and only need to be called once.
      Strongly disagree with you. The streaming api already supports market definitions which contain static non changing information (like venue, timezone, regulator, countrycode ..etc) - all of which could be retrieved from calling list market catalog. The distinctions between including this static data and market and runner name seems entirely arbitrary. If people don't want this information they already have the option of not requesting it. I imagine there are a lot of people, like myself, who call list market cat, only for these names. (Also its not entirely static as horses can be scratched and added whilst a market is ongoing requiring detection and retrieval of the new name).

      Not to mention that pairing data from two sources adds another level of developer complexity and opportunity to introduce errors, is far more inefficient for both Betfair to have to serve and for applications to retrieve. And for what? To reduce the image payload size of a market by ~2%?

      I can literally not see any argument for it not being included. Very small increase in payload size, but the people who care about that wont be after the market definitions anyway.

      PS (im not against runner metadata being included, tho it probably should go under a new flag)


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        In regards to tarbs post:

        -I would also appreciate a filter which controls how far out to return markets.

        -I would also like it if more data were returned (optionally) in the market stream.
        Basically whenever a change comes in, we need to know at least:

        EventType Id and Name,
        Event Id and Name and StartDate etc.
        Market Id and Name and StartDate, Status etc. and all Runners
        Runner Id and Name

        Basically we need most of the data provided through the betting api, through calls to listX

        -As well, this data should also be included the order stream, as that only returns a market id, and depending on how you're program works, if you want the full data you also need to do a few calls to the betting api, to match up the order with the market details.

        Obvs this data wouldnt have to be sent on a delta.


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          I'd love more code examples using things like betfairlightweight .. they have built an amazing platform and would love more examples


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            Originally posted by tradernz View Post
            I'd love more code examples using things like betfairlightweight .. they have built an amazing platform and would love more examples
            Hey, you checked out the Betfair aus site?



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              Hey Liam yeh that's been my gospel to get started.... totally something along those lines but with abit more examples around best practise and details around the difference between the streaming data etc


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                Id love to see more flexible BSP betting, where we can pass in a range of acceptable BSP prices, not just a max / min depending on if you're on the back or lay side!


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                  I want to fetch GPS data for horse race events via API. Is there any API endpoint for this?
                  Any method other than API to get the GPS data is also appreciated.

                  I have tried this (ref image "req") using postman and got a response(ref image "resp" ). Is this the correct endpoint to connect to and if yes, please let me know how i can get a session token and id mentioned in the body of the request in the attachment "req".

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