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New API Release w/c 9th August - listCurrentOrders - includeItemDescription

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  • New API Release w/c 9th August - listCurrentOrders - includeItemDescription

    As part of a release in w/c 9th August, we are adding an optional boolean parameter called includeItemDescription to listCurrentOrders

    This will have the effect of surfacing the marketVersion parameter (a long value) in the CurrentOrderSummary in the lisCurrentOrders response.

    This parameter will allow customers to correlate the market version in the listCurrentOrders with the same version field returned in the listMarketBook/listRunnerBook response & Stream API marketDefinition.

    In summary:
    • listCurrentOrders takes a new parameter: boolean includeItemDescription
    • The CurrentOrderSummary has a new return field currentItemDescription of type CurrentItemDescription.
    • This contains a single field called marketVersion of type MarketVersion.
    • The marketVersion object will contain a single parameter called version of type long.
    All relevant documentation updates have now been made in advance of this release.

    Please let us know if you have any questions about this release.

    Betfair Developer Program

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    The above API update was released into production on the 9th of August.

    Betfair Developer Program