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Betting on many markets without delay

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  • Betting on many markets without delay


    I would like to place bets on many in-Play markets simoultaniously. I want to make up to 20-30 bets at the same time.

    My problem is, that since the markets are in-Play, there is a 5 second delay on each market, so before getting to the last Bet several minutes have passed.

    How would I solve this problem? Is there a way to place 30 bets, on 30 different markets, at the same time?

    I use Spyder in Anaconda on a Home computer. I believe my computer have 8 cores.


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    If you are trying to place dozens of bets into a single market, the answer is yes you can send a single packet to Betfair specifying all those bets at one time

    However, if you are trying to place many bets into multiple markets, they have to be sent as 1 packet per market to Betfair.

    Your post seems to imply that you are waiting for each markets bet delay, before you send the next bet ? Why are you doing that, there is no need to do that. You can construct 30 different packets for 30 different markets, and send them all pretty much at the same time and wait for all the separate responses to come back asynchronously. Your overall delay time will be whatever the single longest market delay time is.

    Regards Geoff


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      Or you could send it using the async flag and not have to wait and then pick up the betId from the stream once processed through the matching engine.


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        Hi geoffw123 and @LiamP,

        I would like to thank you for the responses. I was not aware of the async flag, and knowing that obviosly helped me. Thx again