FINAL REMINDER - Betfair API - Important Update to Non-Interactive Login Endpoint

Due to required infrastructure changes the non-interactive (bot) login endpoint has been updated to the below and this is live:

Italy, Spain, Romain and Swedish domains

For customers using .it, .es, .ro and .se domains the new endpoint is now live and available for the following jurisdictions:
Italian Exchange -
Spanish Exchange -
Romania -
Sweden -

Update Required Before 22nd January

The previous endpoint ( will no longer work from 22nd January 2019. Any attempts to use the old endpoint from this date will return the CERT_AUTH_REQUIRED error.

**You must update your code as soon as possible with the new endpoint to avoid any disruption on the 22nd January**

Existing certificates will continue to work with the new endpoint and don't need to be updated.

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PlaceOrder issue

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    PlaceOrder issue

    Hi everybody,
    I'm trying to use the BETFAIR API (delayed version) for testing purpose,
    everything works fine, except for placeOrders requests....

    {"marketId":"1.148553195","instructions":[{"selectionId":"44503","side":"LAY","orderType" :"L IMIT","limitOrder":{"price":30.00,"size":1.44,"per sistenceType":"PERSIST"}}]}

    {'status': 'FAILURE', 'errorCode': 'PERMISSION_DENIED', 'instructionReports': [{'status': 'FAILURE', 'errorCode': 'ERROR_IN_ORDER', 'instruction': {'orderType': 'LIMIT', 'selectionId': 44503, 'limitOrder': {'price': 30.0, 'persistenceType': 'PERSIST', 'size': 1.44}, 'side': 'LAY'}}], 'marketId': '1.148553195'}

    could somebody tell me what's going on? Is it an issue that depends on API delayed version or something else?

    Thanks in advance

    Last edited by Gian; 09-10-2018, 03:26 PM.

    Hi Gian, when I check the API reference here:

    It shows this for your error:
    PERMISSION_DENIED Business rules do not allow order to be placed. You are either attempting to place the order using a Delayed Application Key or from a restricted jurisdiction (i.e. USA)