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    Hi there,

    I am looking for a function that allows me count the number of transactions i have done in the last hour. I would appreciate your help since i dont want exceed the current 5000 transaction limit,.

    Could anyone help me?

    Best Regards​

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    Is an interesting question if looking to 'throttle' bets to avoid hitting the limit, else you can just blow through the limit and handle things via the error code: 'TOO_MANY_INSTRUCTIONS'.

    To begin with it would be good to define exactly what is considered a 'transaction' for the purposes of the transaction count? I can't find a definition in the docs but do vaguely remember stumbling across something that mentioned it included all bets even those un-fulfilled/cancelled etc?

    I'm guessing you mean that you don't want to just keep a count of your transactions/times yourself but would like to query the API and be told your current count?