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distance at which uk flat races DON'T use stalls?

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  • distance at which uk flat races DON'T use stalls?

    A link to some definitive distance would be good or more specifically does anyone know how to determine whether a call to the Race Status API will at some point return the 'GOINGBEHIND' message after 'ATTHEPOST'?

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    Just been looking at this. According to most flat races start from stalls (the fields tend to be smaller than national hunt races and the distances are usually shorter).

    After a bit of investigation, I believe you can determine whether stalls are in use by checking the draw (ie: whether there was one). Each horse will have a draw number (indicating its starting stall) if the race is to be started from stalls. I'll leave you to work out where that piece of data is (I'd assume MarketCatalogue). It can be a factor in sprints, putting a horse on the inside of outside of a curve.

    There are, odd as it may seem, also National Hunt (ie: jump season) flat races. These are known as bumpers and, if I remember correctly, they tend to have mostly novice jump horses and tend to be over longer distances than flat season flat races. Also jumps horses are usually older than flat race horses and I'm guessing that many flat racers go on to be jump racers. Jumps are more a test of stamina.

    Flat races are usually 5-12 furlongs and bumpers are 13-20 furlongs.


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      Stalls number of course! Genius idea, thank you very much. (Kinda annoyed I couldn't think my way to that solution though ;-))


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        In case anyone else finds it helpful:

        In the call to 'listMarketCatalogue' add 'RUNNER_METADATA' to 'marketProjection' and then in the response check any runner in the race for its stall number e.g. market.runners[0].metadata['STALL_DRAW'] !== null

        ty jabe!