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RACE STATUS API returning NO_LIVE_DATA_AVAILABLE for some markets

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  • RACE STATUS API returning NO_LIVE_DATA_AVAILABLE for some markets

    Noticed this a few times over the past few days.

    Right now for example the early races at Cartmel using /v1.0/ScoresAPING/listRaceDetails are returning this NO_LIVE_DATA_AVAILABLE response code for raceIds such as 31596012.1230 (the 1.30 at Cartmel).

    Not really saying it's wrong but just wondering why the data isn't available on some races?

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    Cartmel marketId 31596012.1340 is showing correctly as 'DORMANT'


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      Seems like an error is happening here as marketId 31596012.1305 has already gone off as if it was marketId 31596012.1100?!


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        Yep bot just put a bet on the Cartmel 2.05 rather than the 12.00 when the 'ATTHEPOST' message from RACE STATUS API got the raceIds crossed-over!

        UPDATE: same thing happened on the 12.30 at Cartmel: the bot received the race status messages of the 12.30 under the raceId of the 2.40. So right now using RACE STATUS API reports the 2.40 as OFF (12.30 was showing as NO_LIVE_DATA_AVAILABLE throughout).
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