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  • Looking for API developer

    Hi everyone. I am looking for API specialist that can pull specific data from tennis matches and send it to chat application (telegram/discord).
    I have Betfair API license purchased.
    Willing to pay for the project.

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    Hello Goodnight! My name is Franklin and I speak from Brazil. I have a lot of experience in software development and also with the betfair api. I even created my own soccer betting bot. I think I can help you with what you want. If you want to talk about what you want, send me an email. Hug!


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      Hi Begemot,

      Not sure if you've already moved on this but, if not, then as proof of concept, if you post an example of the tennis data you're after, and a twitter account (maybe create one up just for this purpose?) to use ... I can quickly (I've got various pieces of code knocking about already) put something together that tweets out the data as the match progresses. Maybe get this going, see what's what, and take it from there?


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        Hey everyone. I end up meeting some guys and we created this bot that notifies about every injury in tennis events in live mode. Thank you all for your engagement


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          Thanks for the update; hope the bot works well?!