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listMarketCatalogue displaying incorrect volume.

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  • listMarketCatalogue displaying incorrect volume.

    Hello all,

    I keep finding myself in the situation that the output coming from the /listMarketCatalogue is showing a different volume/matched amount than the one display on the BetFair exchange?

    The code I'm using is as follows, where event_id represents the id of an event in Betfair.

    params = {
    "filter": {
    "eventIds": [event_id]
    "maxResults": 1000
    url = ""
    response =, headers=self .headers, json=params)

    Yesterday we had a situation on the game of Dynamo Zagreb where the volume was +10k on the First Half Goals 0.5 according to the Betfair Exchange but in the API it wasn't above 10k until 5 minutes later.

    Does anyone have a solution to this?

    I am using a live key so the problem ain't there.

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    It’s cached, you need to use listMarketBook if you want an accurate number.