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Problems returning EX_BEST_OFFERS from listMarketBook

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  • Problems returning EX_BEST_OFFERS from listMarketBook


    I'm fairly new using the API (using java) and this is my first post. Any help is highly appreciated!

    I have managed to set up a system to retrieve relevant events, get latest odds and place order. However, I'm now trying to get the prices and volumes (sizes) for the closest 3 available prices in order to calculate WOM.

    I am using the listMarketBook method with default setBestPricesDepth parameter (3) and PriceProjection set to "EX_BEST_OFFERS". When inspecting Runner.getEx().getAvailableToBack() I correctly get 3 prices, but they seem fairly random when comparing them to the price ladders on

    For example the ladder for Hearts vs Motherwell shows:
    2.14 | 1679
    2.12 | 1248
    2.08 | 1824

    While the 3 returned results from listMarketBook is:
    2.14 | 1314.27
    2.08 | 733.74
    1.02 | 48.22

    There are discrepancies in the volumes, and sometimes (as for 2.12 above), complete prices are missing. Aren't EX_BEST_OFFERS supposed to give med the 3 top available prices? Is there something I don't understand here?
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    I think I solved this by including the virtualized parameter as per this article:

    This gives me the correct list of unmatched volumes, however I have yet to find where to get lists of matched volumes in the same manner. I have tried using Runner.getMatches() but it gives me an empty list..


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      Hi again,

      I managed to figure this out as well.

      Using Runner.getTradedVolume() and not Runner.getMatches() did the trick.

      Sorry for all the posts. I got what I need now.