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Getting Match Odds for Football

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  • Getting Match Odds for Football


    I am new to developing with the betfair api, and I can't find out how to get the Match Odds for the football.

    I am only interested in the Full Time Home/Away/Draw odds.

    Currently I am able to get a list of events for a given competition

    I then call listMarketCatalogue for the event.
    If I try to get the runners from the marketCatalog I get an empty list.
    So I call listMarketBook with the marketId from the marketCatalog, and if I then get the runners from the marketBook I get 3, which I presume are Home/Draw/Away.

    However, If I then try to getSp, I get null.

    Any ideas?


    PS. I am using the new API calls.

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    Make sure you add RUNNER_DESCRIPTION to the MarketProjection in listMarketCatalogue - that way the marketCatalog will contain the relevant runner information (including the Name!)


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      That worked for getting the runners in the Catalogue, thank you!

      But how do I then get the odds for those selections?


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        Hey BM,

        You should take a look at the docs -

        Then find some sample code you can play around with -

        The visualisers can help with building example calls -