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  • Horse Racing Result Times

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody might be able to help me with a query I have regarding horse racing data. I am looking for a daily or weekly free data repository which contains race results and importantly the times of said races, for example the 3:30 at Newcastle lasted for 46.54 seconds.

    I just wondered if anybody was aware of any .csv download type offerings for horse racing please?

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    In the movies, horse racing is often like card games, they just result in losing. Instead, why not seek out more rewarding hobbies and sports that we are more comfortable with, such as.
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      People bet on sports not in order to lose money, but initially, for entertainment, this can then become a problem, unfortunately. If sports betting is rare, just a way to pass the time, as it might have been 100 years ago, then it's fun.
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