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  • General Customer Support - Non-existant...

    I have a massive issue with Betfair generally and I have nowhere else to air this grievance than on here, the developer forum. It seems ludicrous to me that they no longer have any live customer support, by which I mean a person on the end of the telephone, someone who can elevate technical issues to the software/database development and support department (if such a thing exists). They only have a chat line which at first is chatting with a next-to useless bot and eventually a chat with some random individual somewhere in the world who only repeats nonsense stock answers ad infinitum and can do nothing to actually sort the problem.
    The issue I have is that I am asked to change my password every single day that I log into Betfair. I go through the same rigmarole every day, i.e. password not recognised, you need to change your password... So, I do just that, always changing it to the same password I know it should be. After security checks and entry of exactly the same password, it informs me 'Back Of The Net' get started or something similar. I then have access for the day, so I presume after midnight my account is being reset in some way to reflect an old password???
    Can anyone please help me here, or provide a phone number that can help me, PLEASE... I just find it amazing...

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    Hi, cherrypicker,

    Sorry to hear you are having issues.

    Please contact me directly via or and I'll help you to resolve this.

    Kind Regards



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      hello i have the same issues and in the same boat i cant login and been to told to come here i have emailed the above link can you help me too please i believe my ip was blocked by bet fair as i got the password wrong to many times but i was able to trade on betfair but not the geek toy api
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